Road Show

One of the major event trends recently has been roadshows: a chance for many brands to get closer to their customers by reaching different cities and territories with an exclusive event.

Plan a Road show event in Italy and Europe

Whether it’s a product launch, sales blitz, training series, or campaign, Road shows are an effective way to reach potential clients and partners in a face-to-face setting and find out more about how their experiences may differ from location to location.

There are few programs more effective than a road show for achieving direct engagement with an audience, however, the payoff comes at the expense of new logistical and creative challenges.

Our experience in the organization of Road show

Our team collaborates with Genius Progetti in the organization of the Road show event. We have an important experience in this kind of event, thanks to the Tour project for a loyal customer, a famous Italian sports car manufacturer.

The project provided, for the brand’s top clients, the unique possibility of driving their sports cars on road routes around Europe. During the year, we organized several weekends during which the guests had unique experiences. Each Road show is an excellent opportunity to gain experience.

Custom-build Road show

For each planned activity of a Road show, it is necessary to do inspections in every city on the route of the tours. We book hotel and restaurant reservations and we take care of the coordination of the event on-site.

It’s all in the details, and details are our specialty! We custom-build each Road show to accomplish client goals. As a full-service event management agency, we are ready to help you and fulfill your desires.

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