The secrets to find the perfect venue for your event in Florence

The search for the perfect venue for a ceremony, party, or reception is the basis of every successful event. That’s why we want to share our essential guide to find the perfect venue for your event in Florence.

A professional location scouting service in Florence

Our agency is based in Florence, so we can guarantee you a professional location scouting service in the city and all around Tuscany. But, first of all, to start our special research, we need to know everything about your event. What kind of party, reception, or ceremony do you want to plan? How many guests will attend the event? Is there a theme or a dress code? In which season do you want it to be?

Well, tell us your desires and then rely on us. When our team takes action to find the perfect venue, we compare different locations and show you their strengths, based on the capacity of the spaces, the tools available, and the possibility of using outdoor spaces.

The site inspections in Florence with Genius Eventi

Once the gathering of information about the venues is finished, the second step concerns the site inspections. In fact, following the client at every stage of event planning also means knowing every detail of the location where the event will be held.

Therefore, our task is to identify the best spaces to accommodate the different moments of the event, study critical issues, and propose solutions that can eliminate all kinds of problems. We also know that the safety and privacy of guests are central, so we always take care to assess all conditions of the facility, such as exclusive use of the venue.

Rely on event planners to discover the most beautiful venues

The perfect venue for your event in Florence does exist, and we are ready to find it! But we know that location scouting is not easy and can also take a long time. That’s why our advice is to rely on professionals in the field.

Thanks to our experience, we visited many event venues in Florence and Tuscany, creating a personal portfolio to collect the best ones. From the huge venues to the smallest and most exclusive places, we can open the doors of the most beautiful dwellings and hotels in Florence. All that remains is to start the “treasure hunt” with Genius Eventi! Are you ready?

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