Treasure hunt in Florence: tips for an unforgettable experience

The range of possible team-building and incentive activities in Tuscany, and especially in Florence, is limitless. One of our favorites is certainly planning a treasure hunt in the city center: funny and engaging experiences, ideal for private events, too.

Florence treasure hunt in the city center

Planning a corporate or private event is not easy and requires great responsibility. Especially in the luxury market, where expectations grow as the budget increases. That’s why we always aim to give unique experiences. Florence treasure hunt in the city center is absolutely one of them!

Why? Because it allows participants to discover and enjoy an endless list of monuments, hidden corners, and stunning panoramas through poems, masterpieces, funny riddles, and some local food or wine.

Funny experiences with a custom treasure hunt

If you are looking for a remarkable experience for your guests or employees, our team is ready for the challenge. Florence is our city, and we know every single spot. So, we can create your custom and private experience of the city, through artistic itineraries such as the stunning Corridoio Vasariano, Galleria degli Uffizi, Giardino di Boboli, and any other place you desire.

Moreover, during the treasure hunt, we can provide a tourist guide to give you historical information, tell ancient legends, and everything you want to discover about Florence.

Custom event planning with Genius Eventi

As we say, we take care of every aspect of event planning. Our team works with small and large groups, so we can help you to find the best solution according to your budget, the venue you are looking for, and any other necessities.

From fun activities to luxury accommodations and experiences, we will plan your perfect corporate or private event. You will not think about anything! We are here to organize transfers, extra activities, accommodation and restaurant booking, and any other singular need. Are you ready? We are here to help you!

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