Kosher weddings in Italy

You may not be aware that Italy has several synagogues spread throughout the country… so yes, you can have a kosher wedding in Italy and we can help you organize it! Keep reading this article to find out more.

Plan a kosher wedding in Italy

Planning a kosher wedding in Italy may be quite challenging…. but, despite what you may think, our country has a long Jewish tradition. Synagogues can be found in most of the major Italian cities such as Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples and Trieste. The local Jewish communities are always happy to embrace and celebrate a new couple who’s about to get married in Italy.

You can also agree with your own Rabbi to perform the ceremony here, if so you wish. We can help you plan every detail about the ceremony, the reception and even take care of the paperwork needed for the wedding to be legally valid.

Traditional Jewish ceremony in Italy

In a traditional Jewish wedding, the couple stands under the Chuppah listening to the Rabbi while performing the ceremony. Both bride and groom take a sip of wine from the same glass and then sign the Ketubah, the official wedding contract between husband and wife. The rite normally ends with the seven blessings and the iconic act of smashing the glass.

After the ceremony, it’s time to celebrate with food and wine! So… what a better place than Italy to serve an excellent meal to your guests? Of course, most catering we are used to work with, are able to arrange and serve a kosher or a “kosher-inspired” wedding menu depending on your desires.

Jewish destination wedding in Italy

Whether you wish to get married outdoors or in a luxury hall of a period villa, all of your dreams of a kosher wedding can come true in Italy. When talking about venues, discover what our country can offer! Villas, hotels and resorts are perfect scenarios for your event, also, you can spend there few days off with family and friends before and after the wedding day.

Besides, it could be the perfect occasion to experience Italy and its beauties. What do you think about having a pizza party or a welcome cocktail to thank your guests for the participation? We can arrange it for you!

Let us help you with your Jewish wedding in Italy

If respecting the tradition is crucial for you and your partner, we recommend relying on an experienced wedding planner. You’ll need someone who understands exactly what you are looking for and can provide the right support.

To be sure to fulfill the dreams and wishes of every kind of couple, always paying attention to their needs, our team has a professional wedding division, Blanc Weddings, led by one of the most experienced planners in Florence.

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