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Catering & banqueting consulting

A catering & banqueting company is, most of the times, necessary for every type of event. Dealing with food & beverage, he plays a very important role in the success of the evening and must therefore be chosen with extreme care.

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Our consulting in the choice of catering and banqueting

The differences between catering and banqueting can be summarized in a few features. The catering service only provides food supplies, while banqueting also includes the organization of all related services. That is, it offers its support and coordination before, during and after receipt.

Most of the time the services are merged into one another, it is difficult for a catering company to deal solely with providing food and drink without providing the services connected to these, just as the opposite is not possible for banqueting companies.

Expert consultants in catering and banqueting

The experience gained by Genius Eventi in the sector, allows our staff to carry out ad hoc consultations to help its customers in choosing the company that best suits their needs. It is not easy to navigate among the many proposals on the market, and this is where our team intervenes.

A good catering & banqueting company should offer an “all inclusive” service, a complete and efficient organization of all services: from the choice of decorations to floral arrangements and table linens, from music to guest entertainment, from the typical product local to the most sought after dish of international cuisine.

Quality catering and banqueting service

The attention to detail, the high quality of the gastronomic offerings, the perfect coordination between one course and another are essential features of a good catering and banqueting service for luxury events. They must be reflected in every type of event: private parties, ceremonies, anniversaries, cocktails, business lunches or gala dinners. The chosen company will in fact have to follow step by step all the phases that go from the design and creation of menus and custom-made fittings to their realization and “mise en place”.

Furthermore, the work must be carried out by qualified personnel, with a staff of waiters always at guests’ disposal, with professional chefs who will propose the menu and above all with expert sommeliers who will suggest the most suitable wine for each menu.

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