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Event Design

For an event production agency, designing and conceiving an event is the most delicate and fascinating aspect. There are those who think that organization is a simple operation of assembling a series of services. We must think again about this point!

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What does event design mean?

An event is a unique, unrepeatable moment, whose success depends entirely on how the event planner embodies it. It is an occasion, it is what touches the soul, the heart of those who live it, whatever its object.

Having the purpose and the target of the event in mind is fundamental to develop it in the best way. Define the goals by measuring them in the participants’ experience: this, in a nutshell, is what we mean by event design.

Event designer for weddings and events

Designing the concept and the design of an event is the very first phase of every project we dedicate ourselves to in Genius Eventi, it is the style with which the event itself is designed. This is the most delicate activity since all the other decisions will depend on these first decisions: from the choice of the location to the decorations.

Formulating charming and creative ideas is the work of our team! Our designers and project managers dedicate themselves to this after a briefing with the clients, always trying to respect and fulfill their wishes for the occasion.

Concept design tailored for your event

Developing the design for a wedding or an event means find a complete harmony between all the elements that will be involved: flower arrangements, menus, decorations, locations and more. The overall vision needed to do this is just a professional event designer with a clear experience in the field.

The organization of events does not consist in the simple operation of assembling all the services needed or required by the occasion. The professionalism of the Genius Eventi team guarantees the realization of an original and unique concept, tailored to the event.

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