Launch Events

The birth of a new product is a crucial moment for every company, announcing this new product on the market is instead the challenge to overcome. Genius Eventi is available to company’s management to organize a successful event.

Organization of launch events in Italy and Europe

The organization of the launch of a new product on the Italian or international market must be strategically planned. Today, with the increasing importance of digital, launch strategies have certainly changed, but the need to plan an appointment with top-clients, media and prospects remains.

We know well how hosting large groups of people requires great commitment and the constant attention of a qualified team. Precisely for this reason, our team of event managers and event coordinators is at the service of companies.

Planning professionals for launch events

A launch event aims to focus the public’s attention on a new product or service. It is therefore important to foresee a moment exclusively dedicated to this during the party.

The official presentation will be an event within the event! At Genius Eventi we are experts in creating anticipation and mystery and then amaze guests with surprise effects designed specifically for the occasion. Video mapping, dance performances, fireworks, artistic performances, are just some of the ideas that we can put into action to reveal the new product to guests.

Organize the launch of new products

Our team will be at your side creating a tailor-made project based on the goals you want to achieve. It is starting from the product itself that we study the concept and design for the launch event, aiming to enhance its main features.

The choice of venue is also very important, which depending on the space available, can represent a considerable added value. In fact, it could also become the scene of side events that can extend the launch for a few days by involving guests in fun or relaxing activities.

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