Staff selection and coordination

Worrying about the coordination of an event means organizing the staff, logistics, set-ups and every moment foreseen by the lineup. Important details that, in the eyes of the participants, will affect the success of the event itself.

Event and wedding coordination service

The coordination of events and weddings cannot be improvised. To allow our clients to enjoy the party, especially when it comes to luxury events or a happening that involve many guests, coordination between all suppliers is needed.

Therefore, being able to count on professionals who take care of the operational part is essential for events of all types and sizes. Our working method in Genius Eventi provides two specific reference figures for these assignments: the road manager and the event coordinator.

Road manager and event coordinator

The road manager takes care of all the logistical aspects related to the event. He takes care of planning the transport of equipment and the transfer of guests and manages the overnight stays and the rental of any necessary material. It is the road manager who first guarantees the success of the event, and together with him the event coordinator.

The latter is in fact actively present during the event and takes care of managing every moment to ensure that everything runs as planned and with the right timing.

Organization and staff coordination for the event

For an event to turn into a successful occasion, everything must be perfectly planned and coordinated, avoiding unnecessary waste of time. Our team is responsible for creating a document, available for the entire staff who will take care of the project, in which to detail the tasks of each member and the general framework.

In this way, a member of the staff will know perfectly what their role is and who to contact in case of difficulty. It is also very important to consider a margin of time to resolve any unforeseen events during the organization and set-up phases.

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