How to organize a store opening: some ideas for success

The opening of a new store is an opportunity for the brand to be known by a new audience, thus expanding the number of loyal customers. However, gaining attention is not so simple. In this article we want to share some of the best ideas to celebrate a new store opening.

Store opening ideas

Organizing an inauguration requires the experience and skills of a professional, an event planner or an event manager who knows how to take care of every phase of the event: before, during and after. When planning a store opening, it is important to consider all the different goals involved: brand awareness, creating buzz around the brand, establishing relationships.

Every corporate event we organize at Genius Eventi focuses on the target to which it targets itself. It is from the target and the goals of the event that we start planning the evening. In the case of the a store opening party, we directly address to those who will be its customers, without forgetting any influencers in the sector.

How to advertise a new store opening

After choosing the day and time for the event, the first thing to do is to promote the party both online and offline. It is particularly useful to take advantage of the social media channels and the website of the brand to highlight the event, but not only. Of fundamental importance is also the design and dispatch of invitations to customers, journalists and industry influencers, if these will impress, the buzz is assured.

This is why it is important to take care of the design so that it reflects the image of the brand. Invitations will also be reserved for suppliers, let’s not forget one of the objectives of an opening party is to establish relationships with other operators in the sector.

Entertain guests at an opening party

Let us not forget that keeping the interest and attention of the public in attendance high is fundamental in every event. An inauguration party is no exception. It is important to foresee playful moments or to propose a show that highlights the products available in the store. Think for example of a fashion show in the case of a fashion store.

For this purpose there is also the presence of a catering service as an alternative to the classic buffet, as well as carefully selected music for the occasion.

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