MICE events: Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibitions

Have you often heard about MICE but do not know what it is? In this article, we have written an essential guide to discovering the MICE events industry and all we can plan for your needs. Probably, something you still do not know you need. Read more and contact us to plan your event.

MICE meaning: the importance of the event industry

MICE is the acronym that stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. For this reason, it represents a meaningful part of the events industry and involves a huge number of subjects and suppliers. Moreover, because of the kind of these events, the planning and organization have to count on different aspects: logistics, accommodation, guest care, and the management of the event itself.

Moreover, these types of events involve groups of people from abroad. So MICE events agency has to manage transfers and concierge for the guests, and all the details of their stay.

Meeting & Incentive

One of the main aspects of the MICE industry is the corporate meeting: business sessions in which employees, directors, and shareholders discuss the company. More and more managers decide to turn these moments of work into opportunities to offer their employees another way of being together, maybe with a few moments of leisure and entertainment.

For example, it is possible to propose to participants incentives or team-building activities, to discover in a different way the city in which the event is planned and contribute to enhancing colleagues’ relationships.

Conference & Exhibitions

Even when we speak of business summits and conference, the reference is to corporate events of particular importance and a great number of guests, often from different countries. For this reason, even this kind of event involves different services to manage.

On the contrary, exhibitions – also referred to as trade shows – are usually big events that draw thousands of visitors and exhibitors from around the world. Moreover, this kind of event can last from several days to a week and concerns different activities.

How to plan a MICE event

Whatever MICE event you will plan, remember that this sector is synonymous with innovation and the research for differentiation to amaze the guests and make the event successful. First of all: rely on a professional team able to manage Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions events. Second step: the research of a perfect venue to host the event.

Finally, managing the many different partners and the network of suppliers is a significant aspect to guarantee your guest the most enjoyable experience. Genius Eventi can assure you of these aspects. What are you waiting for? Contact us for your MICE event!

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