Activities and entertainment for corporate events

A corporate event is a very important moment of sharing and fun for the management with employees, customers or prospects. Entertaining your guests is often the key to establish the success of the event!

Corporate events: how to entertain your guests

The challenge in the success of a corporate event, more often than not, lies precisely in being able to create solid interpersonal bonds that allow a relaxed and productive climate. Choosing the right entertainment or the right activities to propose on the occasion is a fundamental aspect to succeed. Fun is the keyword for the success of an event. Who participates wants to go home with a beautiful memory to keep.

What Genius Eventi proposes for gala evenings, anniversaries and business events is to vary the type of shows offered during the evening.

The possibilities to involve the participants are indeed many and all valid, the choice then depends on the spaces available, the mood of the event, the budget, the preferences of the company.

Live entertainment and performances

Always appreciated is live music played, depending on the case, by a band, a DJ or a solo singer. However, this entertainment option requires large spaces in which to build a stage suitable for performance and impeccable acoustics to allow all the guests to perfectly listen to the proposed pieces.

To consider also a live performance of pianists or string quartets who can offer classical music, jazz or blues, depending on the occasion. For gala evenings or award ceremonies, the presence of a presenter who, during the evening, knows how to entertain guests with a series of fun performances must be evaluated.

Video mapping shows

The kind of fun offered, qualifies the company in some way. It will therefore be important, before making a choice, to consider what its characteristics are and how it is perceived by its guests. For examples, for an innovative company, it is possible to opt for a type of modern entertainment or performance.

We propose in these cases, the realization of video mapping shows, or the projection of emotional videos on any surface. Of great impact is the projection on the façade of historic buildings or villas used as location for the event. Similarly, the installation of photobooth can be a valid opportunity for a young company or for a company whose product or services are meant for young people.

The goal of entertainment in events

The ultimate goal is to be able to organize a pleasant occasion in every aspect, integrating any activities and entertainment that accompany guests during the event. A successful dinner or party will give life to many anecdotes that will probably remain the subject of conversation over time.

This way the corporate event will become an expected and pleasant moment, a way to create lasting and profitable relationships for the company itself.

In fact, if the participants meet for the first time or know each other very little, entertainment will serve to break the ice and find opportunities for dialogue by learning about each other.

If instead everyone knows each other already, good entertainment will surely help to prevent the climate from being too rigid and formal.

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