Birthday party at Villa Le Corti: entertainment dinner for 250 guests

We recently had the opportunity to organize an event to celebrate a truly significant milestone: the 60th birthday.

Custom party for the 60th birthday

Every birthday is certainly a good occasion to have a party and celebrate with the ones you love. However, there are goals that more than any other deserve to be celebrated the best way.

This is the case of our client who wanted to organize a party for his 60th birthday! About 250 guests would have attended the event. After a briefing with the client and his family, we took care of the entire event production.

Concierge and welcome service

We also took charge of the guests’ confirmations by establishing an efficient concierge service. All guests received the invitation through the dedicated e-mail address created by our end and everyone could communicate his presence to us via e-mail. The ease and speed of this solution has been particularly appreciated from both the clients and the guests who received quick responses to all enquiries.

Also, during the event our staff was there for the reception and support of guests throughout the evening.

The birthday dinner at Villa Le Corti

The date of the event, set for January 11th, was an inspiration to create a themed event with decorations and a custom buffet menu with typical winter dishes. The location chosen to host the party was Villa Le Corti, in the heart of Chianti Classico, a short distance from Florence.

Guests were welcomed in the internal courtyard of the villa where we realised an important video mapping to amaze them and highlight the beauty of the place.

Live entertainment throughout the evening

After dinner, the entertainment started: a band played live for 3 hours, unleashing all the guests! The dance floor quickly filled up and the dancing continued until late.

Every aspect has been studied down to the smallest detail. Decorations, lighting design, audio service, nothing has been left to chance. The attention we paid to the event was amply rewarded by the great success achieved.

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