How important design is for private and corporate events

Designing the concept and design of a corporate or private event is a very delicate and fascinating aspect of event organization.

Why event design matters?

Event design is not a simple assembly operation of several services, from catering to lighting technicians, from flower arrangements to music, but it means planning and managing an event in its entirety – before, during and after – always remaining faithful to the concept and without lose sight of the goals of the occasion.

In case of a corporate event and a private event, the ultimate goal of event design is to be able to convey a specific message to guests through setting, decorations and style. It means being able to reach all participants with their own values and personality. To succeed, it is essential to take care of every single detail.

Design of corporate events

The corporate event is a unique opportunity to introduce your business, let the world know who you are and what you do. In addition to this, it also represents an ideal moment to transmit the fundamental values and mission of the company to employees, clients and prospects.

It is a task of our team of event designers to work with the management to define the goals of the event, thus creating a concept that reflects them and is able to convey them to the public. After an in-depth briefing in which we gather the necessary elements, we define set-ups, decorations, furnishings, entertainment and the real phase of organization begins.

Design of private events

In the case of private events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, ceremonies, although often these are parties with friends and family, design is not an aspect to be underestimated. In this case, creativity is a fundamental element to be able to create something truly extraordinary that reflects the personality of the protagonist or who manages to express the goals of the occasion.

The method of Genius Events primarily involves a meeting with the protagonists of the event and then the development of an original concept and design. Each of our projects is unique and unrepeatable, custom designed always taking into account the indications of our client.

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