How to choose the best location for your special event

The choice of the location in which to organize the event is one of the first decisions to be made, but also the most critical. In this article we give you some advice for a more thoughtful choice.

Best venues to organize private events

Choosing the right location for your special event is essential to ensure its success. The parameters to be taken into consideration are many, which is why, in the case of luxury events with a high number of guests, this decision is often entrusted to experts in the sector.

The location scouting activity, that is research and selection of the best event venues, which we carry out in Genius Events never ends. Part of our team is constantly looking for new and exclusive venues ideal for organizing birthday parties, gala dinners, bar mitzvahs, ceremonies. Furthermore, we take care of all the negotiations and permits necessary to organize the event in the place of your dreams.

Our advice on choosing the event location

To choose the best location for your event it is important to take into account several aspects. Some of these may seem trivial, but be careful not to underestimate them, the success of the event is at stake!

Site and accessibility
The location chosen for the event should be located in an easy to reach place for most of the guests and easily accessible for the means with which they will arrive. Not to be underestimated, for example, is the presence or not of a parking inside the property in which to keep the cars and from which to shortly access at the areas dedicated to the party.

Number of guests and total area
The number of guests at the event is an important discriminant that allows you to immediately understand how many and which spaces will be needed. The best solutions in fact provide for the organization of every moment of the event in a different space: from the welcome aperitif to dinner or lunch, from the cutting of the cake to the party and the final greetings. Each of these must allow guests to socialize and have fun avoiding crowding, but also excessive dispersion. The total area of the venue, or at least of the areas dedicated to the reception of events, is therefore extremely important.

Distance from accommodation facilities
Many exclusive locations for private events offer the possibility of staying in them by reserving some suites or the entire structure for as long as necessary. However, if the chosen venue does not have rooms, its distance from the nearest accommodation facilities must be assessed. In fact, guests must be able to spend the night nearby once the event is over.

In the case of celebrations and VIP ceremonies in which the privacy of guests is fundamental, it will be necessary to identify a location that allows it to be used exclusively by guests for the entire duration of the event.

The characteristics of the event in question must also be taken into consideration. For example, if a final party with DJ set or music is planned, it is essential to check whether or not it is possible to celebrate late into the night. Many establishments establish timetables within which to hold parties, dinners, aperitifs, shows beyond which it is not possible to continue the party. It is therefore obvious that the needs of the event and those of the venue must fit together perfectly.

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