Event planning and covid-19 emergency

The Covid-19 emergency imposed stringent rules to everyone regarding the health security of people and the prevention of contagion. Many are the restrictions that we are all following and among these, social distancing is the one that has most affected all the event industry.

Manage the planning while working from home

In order to face this emergency situation and to adapt to this complete new way of life, in Genius Eventi we have done another thing we are good at: problem solving! By immediately change the normal workflow using technology to keep in touch with our clients in this moment of confusion and uncertainty.

This allows us to keep on managing all the aspects that still need to be followed when organizing an event in advance. By working from home, we do as much as we can to defend the community.

It is however important for us to underline that, despite this momentary slowdown, we are more than ever confident and determined to support our clients and their brands in managing every aspect of their event as we truthfully hope that within June everything will be back to normal.

We would like to reassure our clients that our team is committed to ensuring that every detail will be exactly as originally expected without negating the work already done until now, although you might be considering to just postpone the occasion.

How to deal with event planning during Covid-19 emergency with Genius Eventi

In this article we would like to provide some advice for those who have to manage the planning of an event during the Covid emergency together with our team.

These are indications that we are putting into practice for all the events that were planned during the lockdown or towards the beginning of the Summer when things are still looking quite uncertain at the moment.

It is normal to feel disappointed and frustrated considering all the planning and commitment of the last few months, but there is no need to throw away all the work done! Not having control over the current situation does not mean that you cannot achieve the same result as originally planned.

We warmly recommend postponing your event so to keep all the decisions made until now and to ensure that your guests will be able to participate in it when times will be more secure for everyone. At Genius we are keeping positive and confident that enjoying the planned events during the current year could be a plus for our clients’ companies as well as for our brides to be.

We are aware that times are hard for everyone all over the world nowadays, but most people already made plans to take part in the events and postponing yours only by few months, instead of a whole year, could be reassuring and gives a reason not to feel lost.

Your clients or your guests will feel more comfortable to know that you’re also hopeful and keeping your plans as they were meant to be, only, in another moment of the year. Plus, launching a new product or advertise a novelty this year, allows you to get prepared for something new next year having yet another reason to converge your clients maybe in a completely different way.

Carefully consider cancellation

We would like our clients to be conscious of the fact that in case of cancellation, the risk of losing the deposit or even having to reimburse the entire agreed amount is a reality. If you have considered all the possibilities, checked with your venue, vendors and guests and you have decided that the only possible solution for you would be cancelling the whole event, the return of any deposits already paid, is in fact at the discretion of each vendor.

By law, your event agency has no power in this decision, unless the date of the event falls during the lockdown period, which, in this exclusive case, please note that only just in this case, it can be considered as a ‘force majeure’ cause.

Thanks to our previous collaborations and to the fact that we have very good relationships with our colleagues and supplier, it is true that, generally, all vendors are available for changing the date of your event offering the same services and the same agreement initially signed.

This is another reason why we always offer to just defer the occasion. Your Genius team will be available in case you would like to amend the services in order to match them better with the new month there will be the happening.

Find available dates

Your contact at Genius Eventi will collaborate with the referent at the venue on your behalf, to let you choose a new date for the celebration, following the actual availabilities, postponing it as much as possible within the current year or next year if needed.

Once a new date found with the venue, the team will take care of checking the same availability with all the vendors and reconfirm all the services.

Sometimes you will have to sign an amendment of the agreement stating the new dates, sometimes, just an e-mail will be sufficient.

If you already know that there will be a change in the number of participants, we will check together with the vendors if any modification should be done in the total due. Just make sure to advise so that we can find out any specific condition in case of a reduction in the number of participants.

Inform your guests

The next step, after having agreed the new date with the main actors of your special occasion, would be to inform all guests about the change. We can come up together with a nice message, or a nice way to let them know. If you have a website, we can modify it with the new information, if you have any social media it would be great to create a special post dedicated to this new data. If you have changed the date of your wedding, we can put together a new ‘save the date’ to be shared with your beloved ones. In some cases, just an email with the right words can be a possibility.

In any case, do not worry, everyone is conscious of the actual situation and both here at Genius, and everyone will be understanding with the change of date, for what we know, maybe for some it might also be better!

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