Genius Eventi celebrates the first 3 years of experience as an event planner in Florence

Since 2018, from the office at Palazzo Pandolfini, in the heart of the city center of Florence, we have been organizing events and weddings throughout Italy.

Our story begins in 2018

This year, our company reaches a small but important milestone: we are celebrating the first 3 years of experience. Genius Eventi was born on June 18th 2018 and immediately settled in the splendid setting of Palazzo Pandolfini in Florence.

Tommaso Ficari, events and weddings professional with already an important career behind him, started the business and still leads it. Alongside him, the partner Genius Progetti, a company dedicated to the planning of corporate events for some of the most famous Italian brands.

Our journey of growth and innovation

During 2018 and 2019, our company has grown at a very rapid pace, planning events throughout the national territory. The success and the desire to do even more prompted us at the beginning of 2020 to welcome the Blanc Weddings brand within the group, today it is in charge of our weddings and destination weddings division.

With Blanc Weddings we have also acquired highly qualified professionals to complete the solidity and structure of our team.

When the pandemic hit the wedding and events industry hard, we chose not to stop, keep our offices open and support all our clients in a time of difficulty and uncertainty.

We have been working on new creative projects, new collaborations and solutions. We have managed to better structure our business performance and to guarantee all our clients the realization of their events and weddings in a safe way.

Ready for the next challenges

Thanks to the forward-looking strategies of the entire Genius group, we were able to rank in the “Growth Leader 2021” list by Sole 24 Ore, ranking 135th out of 450 companies, with a growth rate that exceeds 62%.

Now that the difficulties related to the Covid-19 pandemic are gradually disappearing, we intend to further expand our investments following our vision and aiming, also for the next few years, for maximum success.

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