Small party ideas for your event

Here is a list of our best small party ideas you can use to celebrate birthdays, special events, anniversaries and more. Let us know if you need support to plan this kind of in-person party!

1.Think about a party theme

One way to make sure to engage and amuse your guests is to establish a theme. Let your imagination run free and think about a peculiar dress code or a special theme. Anyway, don’t forget the need to wear masks… maybe you can have a Venitian masked party to easily include them in your event.

Common luxury-inspired themes refer to the roaring ‘20s of “The Great Gatsby” or to the Hollywood stars. Otherwise, we can help you create a tailor made concept and design.

2.Prefer outdoor locations

Live events are possible when taking all the recommended precautions. Given that, prefer an outdoor location as your party venue: it will be easier to keep the distance between one another.

We usually recommend poolsides, gardens or panoramic terraces, such as the ones of hotels and event villas spread all over our hometown, Florence. This way you can take advantage of a beautiful environment and view, which could also be the perfect backdrop for party photos.

3.Get wild with decorations

With only few guests invited, creating the right atmosphere to put everyone in party mode, is going to be a little harder. Filling up the whole place with decorations, according to your party theme, will make a huge difference. You can even think about creating a customised photobooth corner to create more occasions for fun and engagement.

Also, do not forget balloons! It’s not a real party without them! We are talking about some Insta-worthy balloons: huge creations by a professional designer.

4.Food and wine delivery

Food delivery has become more and more common everywhere, it gives you the chance to taste the delicacies of your favorite restaurants from the comfort of your home. If you prefer to use your own home as the party venue, we suggest to take advantage of food delivery. A party is the right occasion to try the finest restaurants in town, five-star cuisine of luxury hotels and starred chefs.

You can opt for delivery also even when it comes to cocktails, wines and desserts, so you don’t have to worry about baking a cake on your own nor give up on your favorite drinks.

5.Online reunion

We know that some special moments are not the same without the one you love, don’t give up on it just because of distance! Hosting an online party to reunite with friends and family who could not participate in-person is a great idea.

You can plan on an after-party online with many more people or organize an online replica of the event a few days later. Friends and family will surely appreciate your idea and will be happy to share some time talking with you, watching photos and videos and celebrating the special occasion.

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