Anniversaries & Birthdays

Anniversaries and birthdays are ideal occasions to organize an event and invite your loved ones to celebrate with you. In this case, every detail must be perfect: from the welcome to the final greetings.

We organize your wedding anniversary

What better occasion to celebrate and reaffirm the love for your partner than a wedding anniversary? We can organize for you an intimate and romantic event with a personal touch, or a large creative and original party with the whole family.

Thanks to our experience and professionalism, we are able to create proposals based on the specific needs of the customer, welcoming every request with the utmost flexibility.

Eighteenth birthday organization

One of the most important goals in life, an occasion for celebration and joy, is reaching 18 years old. This is certainly a turning point in the life of each of us and deserves to be celebrated. So, why not organize an unforgettable eighteenth birthday, a trendy event in which every detail, from the menu to the entertainment, is taken care of and executed to perfection.

For the organization of parties for 18 years, our event planners are completely dedicated to the birthday boy or girl to fulfill all his wishes.

Design and planning of luxury birthday party

Our event planners are experts who are always up to date on the latest trends, to celebrate an important birthday – 18th, 21st, 50th – treat yourself to a unique and magical birthday party with the help of our team who will take care of planning a completely personalized event.

We take care of every element of the party: from the choice of location, with private visits and inspections in the most prestigious places, to catering, with the creation of personalized menus based on the design and concept of the event, to entertainment.

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