Exhibition Vernissage & Finissage

Genius Eventi is at the complete disposal of clients for cultural initiatives and events in this specific sector, offering a wide range of unique locations and settings in the wonders of Italy, and not only.

Amaze the visitors with a exhibitions vernissage & finissage

Talking about exhibitions vernissage & finissage, the utmost care and attention should be paid to the choice of space lighting, furnishing, setting up and decorating the premises, devising logistical services collateral to the event.

Only in this way will the set-up of an exhibition, whatever the subjects on display, achieve its mission: to attract the greatest number of visitors, impress, amaze and inform them.

Grand openings and Vernissage

Among the most popular cultural events followed by the public, we find the staging of exhibitions. It is through the display of works of art, private collections, but also museums and gallery shows, that it is possible to convey information and share content in the best possible way, with an impact on visitors that can be truly unforgettable.

Genius Eventi will help you achieve your exhibition’s vernissage or finissage mission: to amaze the guests with special setups, design and innovative details.

Opening party for an art exhibition

Thanks to our experience, we are able to plan and realize an exclusive opening party, a few days before the opening of the exhibition to the public. This kind of event can be reserved just for a few selected guests, to make them live a truly exceptional experience.

Our team, following the requests, can manage every aspect of the event: from the design of the opening party to the coordination of suppliers and the logistics of the entire event.

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