Exclusive locations for corporate events in Italy and Europe

When we talk about corporate events, we generally refer to large events with many guests, often of crucial importance for management. The location in which to welcome them becomes a fundamental detail.

Top venues for corporate events

When planning a corporate event, our agency, Genius Eventi, takes care of planning every detail. Our goal is to free the customer from worries and insecurities, thinking of every aspect necessary for the event.

The search for the most suitable location in which to hold the event is one of the first things, if not the first, to be noticed. In this article, we want to share our personal selection of the 6 best locations for corporate events in Italy and Europe.

Our location portfolio for corporate events

These are locations that are part of our portfolio, in which we have already had occasion to organize corporate events. In short, already tested several times on the field and unique in their kind, suitable for various types of events.

In order for the event to be a success, it is essential that the location and its layout reflect the expectations of the participants and do not betray the image they have of the company.

Sala Bianca, Florence

The Sala Bianca is located inside Palazzo Pitti, in Florence, and is a perfect location for fashion shows. In the graducal period, between 1774 and 1776, it was transformed into a dance hall and is currently the largest in the palace. Richly decorated with white stuccoes and 11 chandeliers from Paris, it is an ideal location for gala events.

Already in the first post-war period the hall began to be used for events and fashion shows that made it famous all over the world. Since then it is possible to organize international fashion shows and events.

Antinori Winery, Chianti Classico

Among the locations for corporate events in Tuscany, the Antinori Winery is truly one of a kind, modern and elegant, in a natural setting that will amaze your guests. This environmentally friendly wonder is located in the heart of the Chianti Classico area in San Casciano Val di Pesa and is easily accessible from Florence.

You can involve your guests on a guided tour of the historic cellars, where Antinori labels rest, and then offer them a gourmet lunch on site. The restaurant is located right on the roof of the cellar and offers a wonderful panoramic view.

Palazzo Serbelloni, Milan

The locations for corporate events in Milan abound but that of Palazzo Serbelloni is certainly of great charm and has ample spaces in which to organize conferences and lectures, but also fashion events. In particular, the Napoleonic Hall, a former ballroom and currently one of the largest rooms in the building, is made available.

Organizing a corporate event at Palazzo Serbelloni allows both to access one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Milan and to live a unique experience. Services such as international hostesses and stewards, audio and lighting, interior design and security are readily available.

Pirelli Hangar Bicocca, Milan

With a very large surface area of around 15,000 square meters, Pirelli Hangar Bicocca is one of the largest centers of contemporary art in Europe. Its spaces are also available as locations for corporate and private events that include numerous guests.

Some public dedicated areas can be used such as the foyer with a customizable multimedia wall, but also the actual exhibition spaces: Shed, Piazze, Navate and Cubo. However, these are only available if the dates foreseen for the event are compatible with the artistic program, so it is necessary to inform yourself well in advance.

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Old Billingsgate Market, London

The Old Billingsgate Market in London is an industrial location derived from an old fish market on the banks of the Thames and with a panoramic view of Tower Bridge. Inside there are three large spaces that, given the features, lend themselves perfectly to any type of customization.

This is the Great Hall which also leads to a mezzanine, the Gallery and the Vault. The location can be used for dinners, receptions, presentations of new products, charity events and conferences in which numerous guests are expected to attend.

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Louvre Garden, Paris

The Tuileries Garden in Paris, also known as the Louvre Gardens, is a unique and charming place. But not many know that it is possible to reserve it exclusively as a location for truly unforgettable events. In this case, guests can access the garden after it closes and enjoy the magical atmosphere that is created in the evening in a completely private way.

It will be necessary to set up a marquee or a temporary structure in which to welcome the guests and organize the party. Contrary to what one might think this leaves us space for total customization of the event.

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