Private events: activities and entertainment to amaze your guests

Private event entertainment acts can vary from live music to a mini-talent show involving all the guests, also a circus performance can be a good choice. Let us explain some of these options in detail!

Entertainment ideas for private events

A private event is usually a very intimate moment or a family moment to celebrate a special occasion. Events like this are meant for sharing and have fun with your beloved ones and your friends. Provide some sort of entertainment can be the perfect idea to establish a closer relationship with everyone and make sure every guest feels at ease and has a great time.

Fun is the keyword for the success of a private party. Participants expect to spend some relaxing time and want to go home with beautiful memories.

Private event entertainment acts

So, what can you plan to entertain your guests at a private party? If you don’t have much of a budget, we suggest creating an “event wall” with a custom-design logo of the party. Your guests will be happy and ready to take selfies or ‘red-carpet like’ photos of themselves with it as a background. They could also use it to leave a special message about the celebration! It is a perfect idea for birthdays, bar mitzvah or ceremonies.

Really appreciated are also artistic performances like jugglers, waders, acrobats. They can walk around the party venue exhibiting for your guests and putting a smile on their faces.

Live event entertainment ideas for your party

If you are willing to amaze your guests, the best option is live entertainment. We are talking about music bands performing on stage, dance crew acting live in a choreography, DJ, singers and musicians. You can also choose together with the artists a custom playlist including all your favorite songs, the ones that make you dance every time you hear them!

Major events may include more than one live performance. In this case, we always suggest to hire an host to introduce them and make the party schedule flow smoothly.

Types of entertainment for private parties

These are just a few options, there are lots of different types of entertainment out there to suit your occasion. In fact, the only limit is probably your imagination! If you need help finding the right entertainment act, get in touch with us.

We can provide you with all the support needed. We think that the best solution is always the one that is custom made to your needs, to the style and mood of the event you are planning. Entertainment is an important part of the party and should be designed accordingly to everything else, it is not a detail to underestimate!

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