Corporate dinner for Viru's 25th anniversary

Viru’s 25th anniversary was the first major production of Genius Events in a foreign country: Peru. A large event in which we took part along with some local agencies.

Our work for the corporate event of Viru

When our team was contacted to organize a corporate event in Peru, we knew, even before we left, that this would be a wonderful experience. An opportunity that would have enriched us, both professionally and personally.

Of course, it’s not every day that you find yourself having to manage an event of such importance, in one of the most beautiful places in the world: the Peruvian desert. On August 22nd, our team set off on what we could call its biggest challenge to date, just over a year after the agency was founded.

The event in question is the 25th anniversary of Viru a leading company in the agro-industrial sector, as well as the largest producer of canned and frozen valuable fruit and vegetables of Peru.

Our role in this adventure was that of event production support agency. Practically, we coordinated and managed the event in collaboration with local agencies, which supported us in the various phases of the project.

Brand anniversary party

Viru is a company of great importance with branches in Spain, France and Italy. Its annual revenue presents numbers above many other competitors around the world. Despite this, the atmosphere and excitement for the upcoming event was nevertheless relaxed, welcoming and comfortable.

We at Genius are convinced that for an event to be perfect, in fact, we need the involvement of all the staff. The Viru team was, without a doubt, united and aimed at a single purpose: to celebrate for its 25th anniversary, a memorable occasion.

The party organized for 25 years in business

And so it was. We have closely followed the construction of a temporary structure in the desert and the preparation of every detail in terms of furnishings and decorations. On the day of the event we were present to coordinate the dinner that took place inside and the following entertainment.

For the 25th anniversary of Viru we have created a great production with attention to every detail. We are proud of the final result and have had the opportunity to forge partnerships with local agencies that have proved to be of great help and support.

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