How to host a dinner party at home with top chef and catering

Hosting a dinner party at home with friends and family experiencing the cuisine of a top chef who will plan and cook a special menu just for you how much exclusive could this be?

Private dinner party planning

Organizing a dinner party can be hard work: renting the venue, preparing the table, planning a unique menu, entertaining your guests… are all responsibilities of the host. Also, considering the regulations that Covid-19 has forced all of us to follow like wearing a mask, sanitizing hands frequently, keeping a distance from one another, it is clear that planning a private party can be really challenging.

That’s why at Genius Eventi we have developed a new event format that can be staged at your own home: a dinner party with top chef and catering.

Bespoke dinner party at home

Having a party at home is a great way to reduce costs and to concentrate on realizing a unique experience for your guests. Think about it: a top chef will plan and cook a special menu letting you spend all the time with your friends and family, also a high-end catering will take care of table setting and serving the dinner.

You will not have to worry about a thing. As we can count on a network of event professionals, we will take care of planning the entire party and coordinate chef, catering and every other supplier needed for that day.

Party at home respecting Covid-19 regulations

As for the safety and security of guests, we can ensure that your event will respect all the Covid-19 regulations. After visiting the house and the available spaces, we can help you define the right number of people to invite to your feast. Creating a small group is key for an intimate and special atmosphere.

Also, it can be a great idea to provide guests with custom masks and sanitizing gel to welcome them to the party.

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