Brand anniversary, some advice for planning a great and engaging event

Company anniversaries are special occasions. They don’t happen every year and that’s why companies are usually unaware of the organization effort that this kind of event needs. Brand anniversaries are a challenge that should be faced by a professional.

How to celebrate a brand anniversary

So how to plan a brand anniversary event the best way? The basic recommendations to follow are the same as for any other type of corporate event: start your planning as early as possible, set specific goals and be sure to know your guests!

Business anniversary celebrations are really important and need to be properly organized since the beginning. Everything must deal with the company image and must be planned according to the type of guests who will participate.

Plan an engaging business anniversary party

A business anniversary party should be an experience for the guests, something that brings them closer to the brand and improves their loyalty. Otherwise, what better occasion to do so?

Giving them the opportunity to interact with the brand and get to know it better can be a good solution. Think about a factory tour, a special trip or an engaging after-dinner show for clients, prospects, distributors. Moments like these can make a difference and enhance the brand in their eyes.

Organizing a brand anniversary event: some advice

That said, you can imagine that celebrate the company anniversary is just the end of the process. Planning a brand anniversary event doesn’t mean to simply decide the location, send invitations and host the guest.

What we have to think about is developing a concept and then, according to it, realize all the settings and decorations needed, plan all the transfer for the guests, plan a specific menu and maybe even a custom cocktail to serve.

Customization is key to create a unique atmosphere for the guests. For example, you can add details and furnishings with your logo on it and plan a custom light design or projection using the brand colors.

Every detail, down to the smaller ones, should be carefully planned and tested. Rely on an event production agency, with several years of experience, will ensure you a professional help along every step of the project. Genius Eventi has already experienced some brand anniversary events, take a look to what we have done for Viru!

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