Fashion event planning and management: our advice

Planning fashion events, whether these are exclusive fashion shows or trunk shows inside boutiques, requires the utmost competence and creativity, attention to detail and experience in the sector.

Organization of fashion shows in Italy and Europe

Genius Eventi team has been working in the fashion industry since its very beginning, developing every necessary aspect for the perfect success of this type of event. From concept to backstage through lighting, sound, music, catwalk, seating, catering, security and cleaning service, model selection, photos and videos.

Thanks to a great experience in this sector, also derived from the design of exhibition stands, renderings, customized set-ups for large events, we know how to handle the entire production of a fashion event by managing every detail.

How to plan a fashion show

In this article, we will suggest the necessary workflow to organize a fashion event step by step. Let’s start with the very first important step to take which is the briefing with the client, in this case it can be the agencies or the fashion brands.

It is essential to listen to what the needs and ideas are and fully understand the concept of the collection that will be presented at the event. In fact, this will be the main guideline to follow for the creation of the design which has to enhance the clothes and the idea they represent.


The location is one of the first things to think about when it comes to an event. In the fashion industry, the aesthetic aspect, that is the atmosphere and the style of the space, is very important: these elements must absolutely reflect the general mood of the event. In addition, you always have to consider the expected number of guests and the space needed to set up the catwalk and backstage, mandatory in case of fashion events.

Location Scouting


Once the location has been decided, it is time to design an ad hoc setting that transforms the show space into a suitable environment that fully respects the concept of the event. The possibilities are almost endless: floral compositions, light effects, vintage or modern furniture and LED screens that can also have the dual function of showing the models more closely and creating atmosphere at the same time. A tailor-made lighting and audio design combined with selected music also helps to give character to the entire event. Choosing the best materials to be in line with the overall production is crucial during a fashion show, everything has to be arranged in order to impress the participants so to remember the set and the collection during a long time. The more an event is thrilling, the more it will not be forgotten.

Event Design

Reception and party

The most exclusive fashion events cannot miss a guest reception service at the entrance of the location. There you can find qualified personnel who will provide all the information on the event and who can also accompany people to their reserved seat. Furthermore, the fashion show is most of the time followed by a celebration party with music and cocktails for all guests. Of course, we can study a personalized menu with top Italian chefs who will add an extra touch of taste to the whole event.

Event Coordination


The management of an event of such large proportions as a fashion show, certainly cannot be improvised. All the players involved must be trusted professionals who understand the logic and needs of the fashion industry. Sound technicians, light designers, security and cleaning services, photographers and videomakers are all needed…. and of course a project manager or an agency capable of managing and coordinating these different professionists is fundamental, the experience and the design make the rest.

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