Organize a fashion show: concept, design and planning

Fashion events, such as fashion shows or trunk shows in the boutiques of the most famous international designers, are exclusive and glamorous occasions. Their organization requires attention to every detail.

How to organize a fashion show

In this article we want to share the experience of Genius Eventi in the sector and some tips to organize a fashion show at its best.

During an event of this type, it is only a few minutes on the catwalk to determine success, so every detail, from the lights to the seats, must therefore be taken care of to perfection.

The design of a fashion event

A fashion show is an event in which the visual component is an element of utmost importance. Choosing a theme and creating the right atmosphere that enhances the collection that will be presented is therefore fundamental.

This is why, first of all, our team takes care of developing an original concept based on the characteristics of the clothes and the message that the designer wants to convey.

The concept chosen will be the guideline for each subsequent decision: the type of location, the decorations, the lights, the music.

Let’s not forget that a fashion show is a live event in which the timing is fundamental. The models’ exit on the catwalk and every other detail must comply with a precise schedule. At least one general rehearsal will be required before the show to verify that everything goes smoothly.

Behind the scenes of a fashion show

As for the location, sufficient space must be provided for the walkway, seating and backstage. The latter in particular must be spacious enough to accommodate all the behind-the-scenes activities: the change of clothes, the make-up and the hairstyle of the models.

The search for the right location should be the first activity to be dedicated to. If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at our article on the best locations for events in Italy and Europe.

Event management for the fashion industry

The Genius Eventi team offers its skills to design and organize fashion shows in Italy and Europe.

We develop every element of the event in detail by taking over the management of all the actors involved: sound technicians, light designers, security and cleaning services, photographers and video makers. We can also take care of the selection of models and the creation of customized fittings.

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