How a site inspection takes place: checklist and advice

For those who organize events, site inspection is always a moment in which expectations are usually very high. Therefore, it is not an activity to be underestimated, but rather the support of a professional can prove to be very important. In this article we want to make our personal site inspection checklist available.

Site inspection: what it is

Technically, we speak of an inspection when one or more visits are carried out to verify the existing state of a building, an area, a space identified as a possible location.

Then evaluate, according to the findings made, how to, if possible, manage the production of an event on site.

What needs to be verified is whether the location has the necessary requirements and elements requested by the client and whether it is suitable for carrying out the activities planned for the event.

It is mainly used to control the capacity of the spaces, the equipment and technology available, the possibility of using any outdoor spaces etc. It is thanks to site inspection that we can compare different locations with each other and appreciate their valuable elements and finally make an informed choice.

When the site inspection takes place

If the event you are organizing is large, it will be necessary to make more inspections as the expected date approaches.  It is not mandatory, but it is always advisable to return several times to the chosen place to make sure that everything is suitable for carrying out the event as scheduled.

  • 1 year before: discovery. Your event is still far away and you can still decide which location to rent. It’s time to go and discover different locations and choose the best one according to your needs.
  • 6 months before: verification. Program and budget are already briefly established. Returning to the location will allow you to check the available services and possibly make changes to the plan and/or request on-site interventions for carrying out already planned activities.
  • 1 month before: check. At this point the event program and its management are defined. It is necessary to check that the location is being activated to prepare everything as agreed.

Site inspection checklist

To provide our clients with as detailed description as possible of each location examined, we always check whether:

  • the capacity and the number of entrances are suitable for the number of people expected for the event
  • the type of location is appropriate for the type of event scheduled
  • the possible presence of a kitchen and/or an internal catering service
  • the location can be reached comfortably and by what means
  • the availability of a free shuttle from/to the airport/station
  • the location has a parking lot with or without surveillance
  • you can walk comfortably to the entrance
  • entry is also easy for people with disabilities
  • toilet has excellent condition and in sufficient numbers on each floor
  • there are any restrictions in terms of loading/unloading equipment and settings
  • the capacity and number of entrances are suitable for the number of people of the event
  • there is a reception service
  • there is a workstation where you can set up the desk for the check-in of the participants
  • there is a wardrobe

Very important and never to be underestimated is also the control of security service, such as emergency exits in accordance with the law and in sufficient numbers, general building maintenance and any renovations.

Once the collection of information is complete, it is also very important to evaluate the human aspect of those who manage the location.

A clear, transparent and direct exchange of information with the owner, or manager of the facility is extremely important for effective event planning.

The modus operandi of the Genius Eventi team also provides for photographing all that is necessary for a truthful description to be submitted to the customer, transcribing the measurements of the rooms and taking note of the main services offered by the location.

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