How to design your exhibition stand for fairs and events

Design plays a huge role inside exhibitions and fairs. Here are collected some advice about successful stand design we can put in place for your next event.

Booth design

Exhibition stand design is a crucial part of fairs and events. You need a design to stand out among your competitors and attract customers, stakeholders and journalists at your desk.

In Genius Eventi the creation of exhibition stands happens in partnership with professional designers, architects and builders. We take care of the entire project; from the booth’s design to its construction and dismantling.

How the design of your stand comes to life

The designing phase is only the last one to happen. We love to involve our client in every step of the project, listening to their ideas and feedback.

First, we plan a meeting with the client to get all of the technical details of the exhibition stand: square meters, needed areas, limitations and more. During the meeting we collect our client’s requests and start developing a concept. Usually the best concept ideas come from value, image and messages that the company is known for or want to communicate at the event.

Exhibition stand’s design process

Once we have the concept, this is presented to the client together with some detailed information about our whole vision including materials, colors and structures we thought of for the project.

Then it’s time to start designing! The exhibition stand actually takes shape on a computer and sometimes is even sketched on paper. The project is then finalized and passed on to the designer who is going to make a 3D render of the stand, so the client can see it and value it more clearly.

Some design tips for your exhibition stand

The first tip is probably the most obvious but also the most important: double check the technical details before and after the design project. This will avoid the need for lots of modifications and a possible delay in the delivery.

If the space available for your exhibition stand is under 20 sqm, opt for a minimalist design. “Less is more” is definitely the best solution when it comes to small booths.

Always be creative and original with the details: a custom made lighting design, for example, can make a huge difference. You can take inspiration from the latest trends in architecture and art to create a special atmosphere inside and outside the stand.

Think about creating a mezzanine to add more space. The display area, a private office area, a storage area and a reception desk should never be missed in your exhibition stand. So, having a second floor can really be the best solution to create several separated areas.

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