How our team deals with event design

Event design is a serious matter, there is no way you can plan a successful event without thinking about every single design detail. In Genius Eventi, event design is entrusted to Beatrice, her role is crucial to our team.

Event design: Beatrice, creative and set designer

When planning an event, there are lots of details and technical data you have to consider. With no clear image of what the event will look like, colors and elements get mixed up in your head. The result is complete and utter confusion.

We want to give our clients a detailed portrait of the event from the beginning. So, since the initial planning stages, we reel-in our Creative and Set Designer, Beatrice. She designs every element of the event and creates custom-made renderings that fully respect the location’s technical data.

Benefits from a custom-made event design

Being able to show our clients what their event will look like, months prior to the actual date, is marvellous. Our client can easily picture the event in detail, relying on the render we develop. They can make quicker and smarter decisions based on reality instead of pure imagination, and feel part of the event development.

From our side, the planning process runs smoothly. We can confirm every design detail as soon as it is approved by the client and keep everything on the right track. The event renderings are also shared and discussed with suppliers, we always make sure to consider their own technical needs and requests.

Event design for major and small event productions

We have recently developed some custom-made renderings to support a major event production: the 3-days event of The State of the Union in Florence. Beatrice worked closely with other media and technical partners to create a complete plan for the event. This way, our team was able to provide everyone with the right data and information to succeed.

The same method applies to other events; private ceremonies, parties and weddings just to name a few. Having a set designer in our team has made a huge difference and is now a key feature of our services.

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