Event agency in Florence: a talk with the planner Linda Rovelli

Genius Eventi is a top event agency in Florence. It is made of a young and passionate team, today we introduce: Linda, event planner and project manager.

How did you start working in the event industry of Florence?

After seven years working abroad between Ireland and France, I decided to come back to Italy and add something more to my education. I chose to follow a Master in Communication, Marketing and event Organization at the University of Florence for a year.

I knew the history and reputation of this beautiful city but I had never been here before starting the courses… I immediately fell in love with Florence, it has so much to offer all year long!

Thanks to this degree I was chosen by one of the cornerstone of the Italian and Florentine event industry for my internship and acquired the most important basics for the organization of any kind of event.

After this practical training for which my knowledge of languages was crucial, I started my experience in the field. Gala dinners, team building, corporate events and international conferences to end up in the wedding planning industry for almost two years before joining Genius Eventi.

What is your role inside the event agency Genius Eventi?

I appreciate a lot the multi-functionality of the agency, working with colleagues with so much experience is constantly inspiring and motivating. The eclectic approach of my previous experience turned out to be one of my strengths which makes me work on different projects.

They are mainly focused on wedding planning concerning among others, the assistance to the couples who wish to have a very customized planning with the creation or personalized services, websites and experiences for their guests, from the accommodation to special activities taking place on the territory.

Besides, I am also involved in the organization of corporate and private events, having the opportunity to travel around Europe from time to time which perfectly matches with my personality.

Social media are also part of my daily work routine, I find it fun and inspirational, being on-line is fundamental to show off our works and keeps me up to date on new trends and contents.

How does Genius Eventi distinguish itself from other event production agencies?

The core business of Genius Eventi is the event production of any kind of happenings. The different skills and expertise of everybody working there brings every work on another level.

The search for brilliant and always new solutions to every requests makes it a company willing to experiment which is not a given with other competitors sometimes used to always work the same suppliers.

All the work importance is attached to a clear and well-structured strategies and creation process with old and new methodologies and tools. All these elements together with its know-how lead to a high level of trust and confidence from our clients who often come back to us for different special occasions.

The customization of every offer is another focal point, Genius Eventi never sticks to something already prepared and ready to be used package or project, every time the production is fully conceived and new challenges are always welcome.

What are the advice you would give to someone looking for an event agency in Florence?

When you are looking for an event agency many are the parameters to be faced to, from the responsiveness to your first enquiry to the follow up with precise contents and responses.

Then you should check out the creativity of the agency, if you look at the past jobs and have the impression that every event looks pretty much the same, be prepared that also your event will look like that, so try to step out from the classic and experiment something new with someone open to your ideas and projects.

At Genius there is no space for something not fully representing the clients’ needs. Few questions about the previous experience and way to proceed with the planning and organization are also important to make you understand how much time you will need to dedicate to the planning yourself or if you feel you can trust your agency and intervene just for sharing thoughts or approval.

Next to the social media information the word of mouth in our field is also very important, so a previous good impression is hardly misleading. Last thing, trust people who stay curious on novelties!

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