How to effectively plan an event

The organization of an event, especially if it is large or luxury, requires the intervention of a professional. The Genius Events team can help you at every stage. For each event entrusted to us, we follow a specific workflow that has proved to be successful over time. In this article we want to share our personal vision of how to effectively plan an event.

Successful events require specific concept

At the base of a successful event is the idea, the vision of how the event will take place. It is this idea that will guide you throughout the planning and organization phase. Without a well-defined concept, previously established and approved, effectively planning an event becomes very difficult.

The development of an original concept is part of the event planning work we do at Genius Events. Starting from the distinctive characteristics of our client, from his philosophy or mission, we develop a customized concept.

Plan an event: goals, budget and audience

Fundamental to the development of the concept are: goals, budget and public. In organizing an event, be it a corporate, private or charity occasion, it is in fact very important to have in mind the goals you intend to achieve and the type of audience you are targeting.

For example, presenting a new product on the market, celebrating 50 years of business, rewarding employees with a gala evening, are all different goals. As stakeholders, sector influencers, top clients, prospects, they are different types of public that require different attention.

As for the budget, it is necessary to divide the amount into each useful element of the event. What we pay attention to at this stage is to provide our customers with the best possible service while respecting the budget.

Generally, the most important expense items are: location, catering, entertainment, decorations, marketing or promotional activities. To these can be added the hospitality and transport of guests.

Event planning: location and reliable suppliers

The selection of the location deserves a separate chapter. The location scouting activities, that is the search and evaluation of the best venues where to organize the event, are the first to be implemented once the concept, budget and number of guests are defined. After years of experience, our event organization agency has developed a locations portfolio that includes places suitable for every occasion both in Italy and abroad.

Choosing reliable suppliers is another aspect of fundamental importance for us. If the goal is to make a successful event, it is important that every supplier involved has been tested several times.

Event marketing: the promotion of the event

Last but not least, the event promotion activities must be considered: in particular, the realization of the invitations and the sending of the same to all the guests.

Like any other element of the event, even the participations must follow the concept and reflect the design chosen. Depending on the type of event, paper or digital invitations can be provided.

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