Online events: management, opportunities, and benefits

In the last few years, digital and virtual events have conquered a great audience. Let’s see why and what kind of new possibilities they have opened up.

Planning online events opens up new opportunities

Online events have always been around, but their popularity increased only recently for obvious reasons. Their exceptional success is mainly due to technology and to the new possibilities this has opened up in terms of engagement, data analysis, and cost-saving.

As event planners, for corporate and private events, we always look for innovative solutions. We are willing to offer our clients new and better experiences. Digital events gained our attention lately and, together with our partner Genius Progetti, we started to develop new event formats.

Online event planning and management

By using modern technology, we can plan digital meetings, conferences, and special events on customized in-cloud platforms. Both the registration process and the guest welcoming are quick and simple on-line: the perfect solution to replace long guests’ lists and save on hospitality staff.

Anyway, the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world, interact with them, share ideas and content is gradually becoming normal. As technology evolves, online event planning is becoming more and more interesting.

Technology and opportunities of digital events

The opportunity to create customized virtual environments is cutting-edge technology. We have already experienced this possibility with the creation of virtual exhibition stands that users can fully visit and explore, and also with the development of 3D immersive experiences.

People can access these experiences by wearing VR headsets, which are also one of the latest technologies available for the events industry. Virtual and augmented reality are just beginning to face the large audience of corporate and private events.

Online events benefits

We can’t deny that online events’ popularity, especially among brands and international companies, is also due to the related cost savings. With no need to organize travels, accommodations, or meals, companies can afford and offer the best digital experiences to their clients and still save money. Guest’s engagement, entertainment and curiosity can be fully satisfied online too.

We are just beginning to explore the opportunities of online and digital events and can’t wait to see how far technology will lead us in the next few years.

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