Event production: new trends after Covid-19

Dealing with Covid-19 regulations it’s been difficult for the events industry, but it has also led to new trends. Let’s see what the events in 2021 will look like.

High standard of hygiene in every event

Among the most important event production services, hygiene and safety standards are going to be a top priority. Planners will have to change the way usual activities are performed within the event. For example: passing a microphone from a speaker to another or serving food at a buffet. Gifting every guest with a sanitizing gel or a customized face mask is probably something we are going to see a lot in the upcoming events.

As for venues and vendors, they will also have to demonstrate high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Smaller events cared for by expert event producers

The number of guests included in the event is another huge trend for events in 2021. A small list of guests will probably be the only solution to avoid breaking the government regulations on the pandemic and be allowed to organize any special occasion. Fewer guests lead to an easier management of the event in general, which is highly recommended.

So, events will be smaller… but still cared for in every detail. Relying on an event production agency is key to plan detailed and exclusive events, especially during a crisis.

Event production looks at online world in 2021

Technology will be included in events more than ever. During the lockdown we learned how to connect with others and communicate through technology: the same idea has entered the events industry. Digital events and hybrid events have really known a hype moment and they will not be forgotten even after Covid-19 will be over.

Online events have entered the scene and will not easily leave it. They are a good alternative for meetings, conventions and corporate events. Lots of international brands already tested digital and hybrid events in 2020 with satisfying results. This event production trend is still growing. Virtual and hybrid events will certainly be part of our future.

New mindset when approaching in-person events

In-person events and large gatherings will be allowed again sooner or later, still with regulations and particular attention. Anyway, changing people’s behaviour takes time.

It will probably be necessary to remind guests about social distancing regulations once in a while during the event. That is why it is a good idea to include some staff members who will politely remind guests to keep their distance, wash their hands frequently, stand in line and wear a face mask correctly.

Luxury event productions are still possible

Anyway, solutions are possible to still let you and your guests live an unforgettable event, may it be in-person or virtual, we are here to study the project that best suits all the new requirements together with your needs and we will keep to be up to date with the latest trends to keep up with the event industry.

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