Key feature of pandemic events: the Plan B

If there is something the pandemic taught us, it is definitely how much crucial is the plan B. It is no more just about bad weather or a supplier who doesn’t show up. We have to consider the possibility of Government restrictions and be prepared with a solution.

Why plan B is so important

When planning weddings and events, you have to consider the possibility of something ruining your special day. What if rain comes out of nowhere and all of your guests get wet? What if the catering misses out on the cake? How to cope with specific regulations you may find in some countries? No one likes to give up on their dream, that’s why you need a plan B.

By relying on an expert you’ll make sure to have a professional on your side who knows how to intercept any threats and find a solution.

Plan B organization

You may think of plan B just as another version of your event. Consider planning an alternative for every critical moment of the event.

For example, the welcome cocktail in the open-air is more cozy if there is some kind of shelter nearby. It could be a veranda, a marquee or a porch: these possibilities can shelter guests from rain and even from the hot sun.

Organizing a plan B is however not always easy. First, you have to identify what could go wrong during your event. Then, you have to come up with a solution that doesn’t ruin the atmosphere and style of that day.

Only an expert can be aware of all the smallest threats hidden in your event. You want to make sure that your event runs smoothly? Contact a professional planner of the area and discuss every little detail with the team.

The plan B for a pandemic event

Pandemic events are something even more difficult to deal with. Besides all the challenges that might rise up during the event, you also have to take care of eventual Government regulations and make sure they are not too intrusive and ruin the atmosphere. Also, you may have to shorten your guests list and withdraw some invitations in a polite way.

Of course there are some solutions you can put in place to comply with regulations and not cancel the event.

Some examples?

  • Plan smaller tables with a restricted number of people for your gala.
  • Stagger the arrival of guests by providing each group with a different start time.
  • Provide hand sanitizer in more than one spot at the location together with face masks to make your guests feel at ease.
  • Schedule a few breaks to invite people to wash their hands or leave the room to open the windows.
  • Make sure your catering service follows all the regulations about serving food as much as possible in individual portions.

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