How to select the best suppliers for your event

When planning a corporate or a private event, selecting the best suppliers is the first step to ensure an excellent result. A team of expert and qualified suppliers can really make the difference between success and failure.

Choosing the right supplier for your event

The main suppliers of an event provide services like catering, entertainment, equipment rental, transportation, floral design, accommodation and so on. Each one of this service is crucial for the success of an event, whether it is a corporate happening, a private occasion or a wedding.

How to be sure to select the best team of experts and offer your guests an unforgettable experience for real? We have gathered some tips down here.

Take a look at the reviews

Reviews are now available via multiple online channels. You can look at the main reviews about a supplier on Google and on social media.

Usually, these references are a good indicator of the supplier’s quality and experience, but make sure to cross data between platforms and always pay attention to fake reviews. We recommend using reviews to only have a first impression of the potential supplier and not as a selecting method.

Ask for recommendations

Family and friends are a great source of information. If you don’t know where to begin, ask for some recommendations from colleagues, friends and relatives. You can also ask for help from some other supplier you have already selected for the event, being part of the same industry they may advise you with other experts they usually work with.

The event vendors’ network is a close one, professionals know each other and work closely in lots of various events, so they are the best to ask for recommendations.

Rely on an event planner

If you decide to place your event into the hands of an event planner, you won’t have to bother about selecting the suppliers. The planner will provide you with the best solutions according to your budget and ideas for the event.

Every event planner has a portfolio of suppliers they already know and tested on various occasions. The portfolio usually includes catering companies, entertainment companies, private drivers, security services, designers, and more.

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