The services of a luxury event company explained in detail

Luxury events planning requires the creation of something unique and exclusive that only an experienced agency can provide.

Genius Eventi: luxury event company

The team of Genius Eventi is made of experienced planners covering all the main areas of the event industry: weddings, corporate and private events, catering and banqueting, set design. When talking about luxury events planning, experience is crucial.

You need experience before you can manage and allocate big budgets. But what truly differentiates luxury event companies is their ability to deliver the unexpected, a custom-made experience that realizes the client’s wishes.

Services of our luxury event company

Luxury events are personalized to the clients’ highly specific desires and have elements that ‘wow’ guests with their exclusivity, artistry, and beauty. As luxury event specialists, is our job to take care of all these aspects: they are entirely part of our professional services.

Our team has the skills and the knowledge to deal with all the technical, logistical and organizational details evaluating the proposals of each partner such as catering, photographers, floral designers, sound and video technicians, graphic designers, security services.

Luxury event production

Today’s luxury events clients and attendees expect immersive experiences. Design elements, entertainment, food and beverage must be studied in detail. Producing luxury events include sourcing for specific linens, backdrops, place settings, venues, rare flowers, unusual transportation and much more… everything that best applies to the client’s vision of the event. We aim to organize and produce the event in its entirety starting from the event design, style and mood.

Location scouting

Our clients can count on professional advice and guidance in choosing the best venue for their event. The location portfolio of Genius Eventi that is constantly updated and expanded, includes all sort of venues in Italy, Europe and overseas. Site inspections are also an important part of the job: evaluating every characteristic of the venue.

Catering and banqueting

Attention to detail, high quality gastronomic proposals, qualified personnel, perfect coordination between one course and another are essential features of a good catering and banqueting service for luxury events. Our technical skills allow us to identify the best supplier for any occasion, by evaluating its proposals and working method. Besides, thanks to the trusted partner we usually collaborate with, we can find a catering service up to the task anywhere in Italy, Europe and overseas.

Photography and video

The photographer and videographer of the event should not be improvised. For a luxury happening, what it takes is a professional studio, a team of photographers and videographers. Detailed and studied images will make the event unforgettable. Also, the privacy and discretion that is often required by high-end clients can only be granted by an experienced studio.

Floral Design

Flowers play an important role in the event design. The right composition can transform a simple room in an opulent and luxury hall. Floral design changes the look and feel of an environment in something that amaze and surprise bringing nature inside ballrooms and marquees. The realization of perfect shapes, the use of the most suitable materials and design techniques is never left to chance.

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